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New Clients

If you would like to become a new client at Bluffs, please print and fill out the form below to save time when you visit us.

Also, please call your former doctor's office and request that your records be emailed to or faxed to 727-585-0525.

Boarding Agreement

Please fill out the following form and bring it when you drop off your pets.

Consent for Dental Care
Please read and sign this form before dropping your pet off for their dental work.

Surgery/Anesthesia Authorization

Please print and fill out the following form to bring in with your pet before surgery.



Reasons to Purchase Your Pet’s Medication from Bluffs Animal Hospital


Customer Service

Our team members are here for your needs during business hours, 6 days a week.  Our staff can answer any questions you have regarding medications we sell, and will be happy to show you how best to administer the medication to your pet at no additional charge.  In addition, when you request a medication refill from our office, you will receive the medication that day.  When requesting medications online there can be significant shipping delays as well as an absence of specific answers regarding your pet.


Patient Safety

Medications supplied to us are certified by the United States government and have been produced and packaged within the United States.  Internet pharmacies have medications supplied to them that have passed through many sources and sometimes arrive from foreign countries.  Quality control cannot be guaranteed when medications are shipped and passed through several different sources.  Our medications are shipped from the manufacturer, who observes any required time-sensitive and temperature restrictions.  In addition, we will never sell any medication that has expired. 



If in a rare instance, medication purchased from our office fails to prevent the condition(s) it claims (heartworms and intestinal parasites), the manufacturer will fund either the partial or entire cost of treatment for your pet.  This can be very costly if your pet acquired heartworms and needs treatment while on preventative medication.  Online pet pharmacies and supply depots will not be able to offer this guarantee.  Thus, buying your preventative medication through our office is like investing in insurance against heartworms and intestinal parasites for your pet.


We look out for our client’s finances

Often times, manufacturers of medications will offer coupons and rebates when purchasing medication directly from our veterinary office.  Online retailers cannot honor these deals.  We honor all manufacturer programs and will make sure you are aware of any potential savings.  We are an independently owned small American business and build our clientele based on how we would like to be treated if we were the customers.  Some online pharmacies are publicly traded corporations who answer to investors, rather than their customers.  Don’t be fooled -- the few dollars you save from the corporate giants online can not compare to the personalized attention and assurance of care that you and your pet will receive from our animal hospital. 



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