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At Bluffs Animal Hospital, our expertise is focused on dogs and cats.  To ensure that all other creatures receive the best care available, we currently refer exotic pets to a local veterinary hospital that specializes in exotics.


Wellness Examinations

The veterinarian will perform a thorough exam of your animal, discussing any abnormal findings with you.  Further care recommendations such as necessary vaccines, dental cleanings, laboratory testing, and other important diagnostic testing will be made as well.  The veterinarian will discuss diet and other vital age appropriate health issues important to your pet.  Similar to human health care, the wellness exam is one of the most important services performed, allowing for optimal preventive care and management of medical conditions before they go undiagnosed and overwhelm your pet's system.


Sick/Illness Examination

Our hospital is committed to your pet's health and is available anytime during business hours to examine your furry family member.  As it is impossible to plan for the unexpected, please walk-in with your pet at the first signs of illness.  Our staff and veterinarians will provide a prompt and thorough examination, as well as recommend any necessary medical testing to be performed in-house.  If necessary, our veterinarians can also refer your pet to local emergency clinics for after-hours care.


Puppy/Kitten Examination

Having a new puppy or kitten is an exciting and fun time.  Our staff is here to provide tips and advice to aid in raising your new little one.  Our veterinarians will examine your animals and administer important vaccinations, deworming medications, and flea/heartworm preventatives necessary for optimal health.  Our staff will also review proper nutrition and housetraining options.  If requested, we can make a recommendation for a trainer to visit your home and assist with special training needs.


Senior Wellness Examination

The senior wellness exam is an important biannual event in your pet's life.  Our veterinarians will examine your pet and discuss any abnormal findings with you.  Together, you and the veterinarian will make a diagnostic and care plan tailored to your pet's needs.  It is very important to monitor your senior pet's health closely, and the veterinarian will recommend the necessary laboratory evaluation and diagnostic tests deemed appropriate.  Also, the veterinarian will be able to counsel you on arthritis management, special nutrition, and home care needs unique to our senior pets. 


Arthritis Management

Arthritis is a major problem affecting many of our pets, especially as they age.  The symptoms of arthritis can be vague and easily missed.  In addition, many people falsely attribute the signs of arthritis to their pets simply "getting old".  The truth is that many pets will act youthful again when their arthritis is appropriately managed.  Our veterinarians will help you decide if your pet is suffering from arthritis and will make recommendations for useful medications including anti-inflammatory pills or liquid, glucosamine supplements, injectable arthritis medication, and other pain medications.  Often times pet owners report their pet is the best they have been in years following our veterinarian's advice.


Vaccinations & Medications

SPCA Examinations

We are happy to provide a complimentary exam within 10 days of adopting your pet from the SPCA.  During the exam, we will ensure that the pet is healthy and up-to-date on all vaccines and preventative medicine.


Our hospital is equipped with an Idexx laboratory suite to perform CBC (complete blood count), full chemistry panel, electrolyte evaluation, thyroid evaluation, heartworm testing, tick borne disease testing, and special tests such as cortisol and bile acid levels.  We also perform urinalysis and fecal testing. Performing these tests in-house allows us to have results quickly and begin administering the appropriate care within the same day.  We also offer bloodwork monitoring for patients on long-term medications, ensuring patient safety.  For those tests that cannot be performed in our hospital, we use Idexx and Antech commercial laboratories which pick up daily from the hospital.



Dental care is vital to a long and healthy life.  After our veterinarians diagnose your pet with dental disease, they will make a plan for care, including full-mouth teeth scaling and polishing, necessary extractions, and removal or biopsy of any oral tumors observed.  Unique or special problems are referred to a local veterinary dentist, ensuring the best care possible.  Modern veterinary dentistry requires general anesthesia and all procedures and precautions are taken in the same manner as any surgery, including pre-operative laboratory evaluation, anesthesia monitoring, and appropriate pain management.


Microchip Placement

We strongly recommend having a microchip identification device implanted in your pet.  This will provide a number unique to your pet which will greatly increase your chance of being reunited if lost and found.  This is especially important to coastal Florida residents as pets are easily lost and displaced during hurricane preparation and evacuations.  Our veterinarians can place a microchip during a quick visit to our hospital, or the microchip can be placed while your pet is anesthetized for a surgical or dental procedure.


Laser Therapy

Therapy lasers are used for a number of ailments such as, arthritis management, post-op pain reduction and healing, torn ACL's, lick granulomas, and much more. Here is what a few of our furry friends "parents" are saying:


"I was at a point with my dog’s chronic back pain that I felt traditional medications were simply not enough to offer the kind of quality of life I wanted for her.   I chose to add laser therapy at Bluffs Animal Hospital to her treatment plan and have been thrilled with the changes.  I have noticed more energy, much more puppy-like play, more engagement in social situations, and have even been able to decrease the dose of most of her medications.  She even started playing with some of her toys that she hasn’t played with in a long time!  I feel the laser has given my dog back some of the life she deserves."

"Since I began laser therapy for our giant breed dog we have noticed some very positive changes.  She had been afflicted with hip and elbow arthritis for some time.  She is much more comfortable in her rear legs, enjoys walking with me much more than she used to, and seems to be generally enjoying life more.
"We started laser therapy for our dog’s knees about three weeks ago.  We have been managing his arthritis with traditional medications on a regular basis for the past few years, but were interested in a therapy that would have the potential to help him gain as much comfort and mobility as possible.  Since we have started the laser therapy at Bluffs Animal Hospital we have noticed that he is stronger, seems much happier, acts like a puppy again, enjoys swimming for a longer period of time, and even occasionally jumps!  We have been very pleased with the benefits of laser therapy."
"Laser therapy at Bluffs Animal Hospital has been a wonderful addition to our dog’s overall care.  Since starting the laser therapy for arthritis we have noticed an increase in his activity level and more pep in his step.   We are excited to see him going up and down the stairs with much more ease and seems to experience less pain, getting up after sleeping with less effort.  We have been able to decrease the amount of medications we are administering and feel we have given him a great boost in his quality of life."

ultrasound machine
Ultrasound Machine

Our hospital utilizes a Siemens ultrasound for evaluation of abdominal organs, and if necessary, to assist in obtaining biopsy samples for evaluation.  Ultrasound technology is a great compliment to x-rays, allowing visualization of organs for abnormalities.  The veterinarians can also perform pregnancy evaluations if needed.


Our veterinarians use a Tonopen device to assess your pet's eye pressure.  This is especially important in breeds predisposed to glaucoma, and patients showing symptoms of eye pain or discomfort.

Digital Radiology
Our recently updated digital x-ray machine is a top of the line machine using flat panel technology.  This type of system reduces retakes, minimizing unnecessary exposure to radiation.  The veterinarian will be happy to show you the x-rays and review all of the findings with you on the same day.  We also utilize the services of board certified veterinary radiologists to review the x-rays if deemed necessary. 
With our new digital system, we can even burn your pets images to a CD for you, or email you a copy at your request. 

Grooming and Bathing

The hospital employs a full time groomer available during business hours on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday for both dogs and cats.  Before your pets first appointment, our groomer will meet with you to discuss the cut and can meet as early as 7:30am for early drop-off Our groomer is familiar and experienced with a variety of breeds.  Prices start at $43 for dogs and $70 for cats (depending on sedation needed, matting, etc.).  Your satisfaction is guaranteed!  If you are unsatisfied with your pets cut, we will adjust it the next day at no charge.


We also have staff for a variety of bathing needs, whether it is a general cleaning or a doctor prescribed, therapeutic bath.  We use only the best, high-quality shampoos that will leave your pets coat soft and smelling fresh for weeks.  During your pets bath, they will receive a nail trimming and ear cleaning.


Bathing Prices: varies by hair length and if a medicated bath is needed


Up to 25 pounds: $27-$33

26-50 pounds: $37-$44

51-100 pounds: $48-$54

Over 100 pounds: $59-$65

CATS: $37.69


Please call for a grooming or bathing appointment and please note that your animal must be current on vaccines.  For your convenience, you may drop off your pet as early as 7am and pick them up before 5pm.

Surgery monitor
Anesthesia machine


We offer a wide range of surgical services to better serve our patients.  Patient comfort and safety is our top priority to ensure a positive experience.  Patients are monitored under anesthesia with devices that track blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, carbon dioxide levels, temperature, heart rate, electrocardiogram, and respiratory rate.  Pain control is a top priority and is achieved with a combination of drugs that control different pain pathways, allowing a synergistic approach.  Patients are kept warm through a heat integrated surgical table, and monitored closely by the doctors as well as the veterinary technicians.  With a few exceptions, we discharge surgical patients the same day as their surgery, minimizing the time spent in the hospital away from their family.


We offer in-door, climate controlled boarding for dogs and cats of all sizes.  To ensure the safety of your family members, our facility is equipped with a fire monitoring and burglary system that alerts authorities and Bluffs staff members that live near the hospital of any building issues.

Veterinarians are at the hospital daily and can evaluate any pet boarding if signs of illness are noted by the staff members.  Our caring staff will also administer any medications your pet is currently taking.  Additional fees may apply for administration of medications or insulin while boarding. 

Depending on your preference, we will feed your pet canned or dry Hills Science Diet (and Prescription Diet) or Royal Canine.  You may also bring your own pet food, but no human food is allowed.  Toys and blankets can not be guaranteed to be returned if brought. 


Please call ahead for a boarding appointment, as our facility fills up very quickly during holiday and weekends.  We do not offer boarding during hurricane evacuation so please make the appropriate arrangements.


Both runs for larger dogs and smaller kennels are available.  Multiple pets can stay together if you would like (prices are not different). 

All dogs will receive a complimentary bath with a 5 night stay and all animals will be treated with a "fluff and puff" after 1 night, which includes brushing, ear cleaning, nail trim and deodorant.

Boarding Prices


Up to 19 pounds: $20.48

20-39 pounds: $21.61

40-59 pounds: $22.97

60-79 pounds: $24.31

80-99 pounds: $25.65

100-119 pounds: $26.45

120 pounds and up: $26.45

CATS: $20.48